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Socius Primus
The company:

Socius Primus GmbH was founded 2005 by Friedhelm Bollinger. Our qualified and expert staffs, complemented by a pool of external professionals, operate day and night to handle complex production processes of industrial companies completely and according to regulations.

Currently, one of these processes is the development of the A380 by Airbus.

Here, it is essential to reach the objectives of single processes, but also to prevent shortages in communication by a functional and process supported basis. Thus, our services are closely affiliated with each other.

As an example consider the case that if we notice during a consulting meeting that staff members are informed only insufficiently about a certain process, we respond by developing a training that will close this knowledge gap. And what if a process is fragmentary? Then we will take over the optimisation of this process. Or we prepare a package of measures for the increase in efficiency, quality control and minimisation of risk. Certainly, we are also on the spot if you need additional knowledge about processes.

Socius Primus – a human factor company

For all that we do, this will be effective: Even the most complex processes are still affected by human beings and are therefore human factor based.